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Kerala Tour
It so happened that Parshurama annihilated 21 Kshatriyas (warriors) and wanted a secluded place to perform his penance. The gods offered to give him a land of his choice. Parashurama hurled his axe over the sea and ordered the sea to retreat from over the area covered by his axe. The land that emerged from those receding waters is the present day Kerala.

Keralites are a peaceful lot. They can best be described as religious, intelligent, warm and progressive. Hospitality runs in their blood. Over the years, people from far off places (the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Chinese, the Arabs, the Europeans) have come here, only to find themselves trapped forever in the irresistible charm of the state. Kerala has taken them all in its fold and the result is reflected in the religious and cultural mix, as well as the cosmopolitan outlook of the masses here.

The state's rich handicrafts is a part of Kerala Tourism. Shining brassware, wood and horn carvings, bell metal castings, gold and silver ornaments are only some of them. Kerala is also affluent in art and culture. One the one hand is Kathakali, a classical dance-drama that has survived the test of time, and on the other is Mohiniyattom, filled with grace and passion – two classical dance forms with distinct styles that hold the spectator spellbound.

Numerous festivals add colour to the lives of people. The most popular festival is the harvest festival of Onam, celebrated on the Malayalam New Year Day, Chingam. The famous snake boat race is held every year around the time of Onam. The very sight of so many long, narrow boats racing past each other, the splash of water, amidst the delightful cheer of spectators and drum beats, adds a touch of thrill and freshness to the air. There are other fairs and festivals, each of which reveals a unique flavour of the culture that thrives here.

Kerala is indispensable for Ayurveda,an ancient Indian healing system that uses naturalised methods to cure the affected part of the body and to restore the balance of the individual. Many Ayurvedic resorts offer 'health holiday packages' where you can go, get pampered by experts and come back feeling rejuvenated.

Kerala Tour

Population :

Area :
38,863 sq km
Population Density :
749 (per sq km)
Principal Languages :
Capital :
Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
Date of Statehood :
Nov 1, 1956
Religion :
Hindus 60%, Christians 20%, Muslims 20 %
Tropical Summer: February – May (24-33 oC) Monsoon: June- September (22-28 oC)
Winter: October- January (22-32 oC)
Best time to visit :

Kerala Tour


Visas: All foreign nationals require a visa for entry in to India. Please obtain the visa prior to your arrival Money: Major foreign currencies are easily exchangeable.

Credit Cards: Visa, Master, American Express cards are mostly accepted by hotels, restaurants, travel agents, shopping centers.

Banks: Working hours from 10.00- 14.00 Hrs. Saturdays (10-12 Hrs). Sunday Holiday.

Currency: Indian Rupee.

Today’s Conversion rate : CONVERTOR

Travel kit: Cotton outfits, hats, sunglasses, sun lotion etc… Food: All standard restaurants offer a variety of cuisines are including Indian, International, and typical Kerala fare.

Kerala Tour

¤ Ayurveda

Ayurveda is another hallmark of tourism of Kerala. Every year a number of tourists tour Kerala just to take Ayurveda treatment. Kerala has become a popular Ayurveda destination as well.

You can come to Kerala and travel to spice, tea and coffee plantations region in the state. If wildlife is what you love, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the right place to tour. Boat safari is the unique way of watching animals in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is well known for its elephants. Kerala backwaters are another exciting tourist attraction of Kerala. Backwater cruise is what excites many and a number of tourists tour Kerala to discover the pleasures of the backwater cruise in Kerala. Palm fringed beaches with powdery sand is another attraction of Kerala travel and tourism.

¤ Kerala Backwaters

Backwaters in Kerala are inter connected freshwater rivers and canals that feed towards the sea. It is a network of esquisite channels, lakes, lagoons and deltas of approximately 44 rivers emptying in the Arab sea, that makes the body of water , backwater. The principal mode of transport on these backwaters is by houseboats bus.

¤ Wildlife in Kerala

Explore the greenery of Kerala. The state bestowed with tremendous beauty and enchanting springs. The rich flora and fuana of Kerala is a surprise package for many travellers. You could explore the enticing beauty of Kerala through its dramatic contours. As you move away from the daily routine of Kerala, and enter its wildlife, you would be able to explore some fascinating aspects of the state.

¤ Beaches

Kerala owns finest beaches in India. The tranquil , palm fringed beaches are spread on the coast of Arabian sea with gentle surf fampus beaches in Kearala are Alappuzha beach , Kovalam beach, Varkala Beach , Marai Beach and so many other beaches , quite popular among tourists.

¤ Hill Stations

Much of kerala's exotic appeal is centred in the highland area of the western ghats. Rising to an average height of 1520 m, the tropical forests of the ghats house rich flora and fauna. Not to speak of expansive, loamy plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and fragrant cardamom.

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