How to choose a waistcoat according to your body type

The star garment for every corporate is: the waistcoat. There are of all cuts and sizes, but sometimes we do not know which the best is for us. So here is a small guide to choose a waistcoat; hope it will be very useful.

If you are a petite man

That is, if you measure less than 1.60 meters these are the rules for you:

  1. Avoid waistcoats that are too long, since they will shorten your figure.
  2. The optimal length is three quarters; that is, a little below the hip, but before reaching the knee.
  3. Make sure your waistcoat has a V-neck or a round neck, so you’ll look more stylized.
  4. Wear a waistcoat with long boots, no, unless you wear a monochromatic look.
  5. Avoid large buttons and large pockets, since the whole width makes you look shorter.

Tall men

If you have the height in your favor, here are the tips to choose a waistcoat that suits you.

  1. You are very lucky since you can practically use any waistcoat model.
  2. Try the oversize short or extra-long take advantage of your height.
  3. Also with wide buttons or double buttons.
  4. Use a sailor or military waistcoat, they are fashionable this winter.
  5. Of course, at all costs avoid shoulder pads; the best for very tall figures is to soften this part of the body.

A lot of bust

In case you have a lot of bust, you should avoid that part of your body is the one that attracts attention.

  1. Say “no” to use large buttons or double buttons, as this widens.
  2. It is better to use thin or loose lapels.
  3. Bell-shaped waistcoats that have volume are the best for you.
  4. Do not button your waistcoat to get out, better use a pashmina.
  5. Use V-neck garments to lengthen your neck.

Rectangular figure

In other words, you have the same shoulders, waist and hips. Consequently, you need the waistcoat to accentuate your curves. Thus:

  1. He prefers fitted waistcoats.
  2. Look for those with pincers or cuts to simulate curves.
  3. Use the trench type or with a belt.
  4. You have to avoid oversize at all costs.
  5. Say “yes” to wide buttons and large pockets.

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