Why are non-12 step rehabs better than 12 step rehabs?

Most people choose a rehab center where someone they know went to. But, remember one success doesn’t make a program or a technique appropriate or effective for another.

The two rehab programs commonly used in the treatment of drug addiction are the non 12 step rehab and the 12 step rehab programs.

The comparison of both the non 12 step rehab and 12 step rehab will be discussed in order to help you to choose the best program for you.

The traditional way of treatment in 12 step rehabs

  • This model emphasizes the powerlessness of an addicted individual in battling addiction.
  • It is found in studies that this 12 step program is less effective for women.

Causes of failure of 12 step rehab

  • The failure rate is high in this program because the program involves a group discussion.
  • An addict may be hesitant to share his problems with strangers.

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